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Takže já jsem to přeložila do angličtiny :D Nudila jsem se a přišlo mi to jako dobrej nápad...takže se to stalo. Jen chci říct, že tohle je můj první pokus o nějaký překlad a že nejsem zvyklá psát anglicky a že si fakticky nejsem jistá jestli tam mám správně čárky, hláskování a vůbec celou formulaci vět. Ale nějak se to naučit musím...takže chyby prosím omluvte a jestli se vám bude chtít, napište mi o nich do komentářů a já to nějak opravím :) byla bych vám za to vážně vděčná :) Takže komukoliv, kdo okomentuje, děkuju moc:D

Everything happend so…predictably. Ever since I was little, I knew it will be me. I knew but only when I stood face to face with the man who-should-not-be-named, I realized something. I will have to kill a human. Even though the human is that old coot...
Will I be able to...do that?
I watched myself in the mirror. Ever since I saw myself the last time, I changed. I was too busy for noticing that my face looks much older and mature. I had wrinkles from endless frowning. That's kind of unusual for sixteen years old, hn? I watched for a while and my breath filled the empty room I was in.
Of course you WILL be able to do that Draco!
When I remembered that I am always the villain, I hit the old, dirty mirror with my palm. I was strong. I could do anything to make my father proud, but what about now?! I heard his words in my head once again.
"It's an honour that The Dark Lord chose you for this task!"
My heartbeat got faster and I started to sweat. I threshed everything I could get my hands on. It didn't take long and I fell on the cold ground, exhausted. I didn't move. I was just lying on the ground and in the middle of thinking I started to cry.
That's not fair!
Draco, darling, life in not fair.
That's what my mother always said to me when I was a child. Not like she didn't want to buy me anything, but I used to complain about things a lot. Especially about Potter. But now, I was alone. My mother was not there to comfort me. I watched the ceiling for few more minutes with my hand firmly clutching my wand and then I somehow managed to get to the wall. I leaned on it and groaned.
What if I just can't do it?
A sudden sound could be heard from the other side of the Room of Requirement. The echo lasted for about ten seconds and then I was trapped in the terrible silence again. I got on my feet.
Maybe I should look around. I bet there is some cool stuff in there. At least I won't think about...well, about the task.
I walked to where I heard the sound. There was dust everywhere but some titles of books could be seen very well. I saw some really weird ones.
The history of the Czech Nation, or Tennis from A to Z.
What the hell is tennis? Oh whatever...
I walked by the corner and saw four coffers. Red, blue, yellow and green. Obviously, Gryffindor, Rawenclaw, stupid Hufflepuff and Slytherin. They must have been in the common rooms before...
I got back to where the mirror was and sat next to that stupid Vanishing cabinet. It was my place. I put a spell on the cabinet so no-one except for me could find it. Like they would know what it is for.
All the bad things I do...I bully, laugh at others, threaten, fight, and gossip. I call names and I judge...but a murder? I have to do this...If I won't...if I won't be able to kill him...he will punish me. He will kill me and even my father and mother. But what will happen if I kill him? He won't ever let us go...but still. I don't want to die!
I was standing at the top of the Astronomy tower. Tears in my eyes, wand pointing at the headmaster. I couldn't do it. Come on Draco! Avada Kedavra! Just say it! But I couldn't. I didn't want to. Even my wand didn't like what I was trying to do. I felt weird tickling in my hand when the words almost slipped out of my mouth.
Even if I try...will it work? What if I say the course but nothing will happen? You have no time for this Draco!

My aunt Bellatrix walked over to me and whispered in my ear.
"Do it Draco, do it! Kill him already!" I put my wand down. No. I don't want to do this. I can't. I expected that Bellatrix will be the one who killed Dumbledore, but it was Snape. I couldn't think of anything else than me failing the task. At least I didn't kill a human. We all hurried away from the tower and that was the moment when I realized I want to get through this war without fighting.

Moc díky za přečtení :)

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Konečně jsem se dokopala k komentáři :D
Většina povídek se mi líbí víc v čj,ale tohle bylo dokonalý v obou případech *Q* mohla by jsi taky napsat něco dalšího *3*

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