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Yup, jsem tu zase. Už zase prudím. To je hrozný se mnou už...

He, krátká povídka na destiel, bECAUSE I CAN AND I WILL
Dneska jsem se vrátila z dovolený a za ty čtyři dny jsem napsala jen tohle. A to jen proto, že mi bylo blbě a celej den jsem se válela v pokoji a jelikož tam nebyla žádná wifi, musela jsem něco napsat, jinak bych umřela nudou...nebo možná bych se ublila k smrti, ale na to nechci myslet, protože to je mega nechutný. Napsala jsem to anglicky protože to v češtině zní tak...tak...nevím to slovo, ale to je fuk, prostě žer internete a neboj se to za pár let použít na moje zesměšnění.

pairing: DESTIEL (Dean/Castiel)
počet slov: 686

"You shouldn't have done that, Dean Winchester. It was really stupid of you." A black haired boy looked across a motel room in witch he was staying overnight with Dean and his brother Sam. The room had just two beds and Castiel was planning to sleep on the floor because he was the one being afraid to stay alone in his own room. A while ago, the boys came back from a hunt and Sam was already out there looking for another case.
"Well, sorry then. I was under the impression you didn't want to die. But I was wrong," said Dean, kicked off his shoes and jumped onto his bed. Castiel didn't say anything else. Dean kind of expected him to start complaining again and trying to explain how he would have handled the situation himself. But if Cas said anything, it didn't reach Dean's ears. He opened his eyes and looked at his friend, who was sitting awkwardly at the table.
"Dean, I am sorry," whispered Cas and watched as Dean slowly got up of the bed and hesitated before telling Castiel to come closer. He obeyed.
"I should have been more careful and I am sorry you got hurt. " Dean took him into a hug and pressed a soft kiss in Cas's hair. "I am okay. It's just a scratch." Cas wrapped his arms around Dean's middle and buried his head to the hunter's neck.
"Thank you, " mumbled Castiel. " you saved my life. " Dean just smiled and ran his fingers through his angel's hair. They both stayed quiet and peacefuly enjoyed the closeness they were sharing. It was Dean who broke the silence.
"I should be the one thanking, you know." Castiel looked up so he could gaze into Dean's eyes. He looked sad. "What do you mean? " The hunter took a deep breath.
"I -I mean... I haven't yet thank you for what you've done for me. I mean, you fell from heaven for me. You disobeyed for me and I was just being a dick and I am sorry about that, but I... I just can't say how much I appreciate what you have done and, I mean, you know... " Cas tightened his grip and pulled Dean closer.
"Dean... You-"
"No, Cas. Wait. I-I need to say this. Thank you. For everything." They didn't move for a while as if waiting for the other to say something. And finally Cas brought himself to speak. Even though he wasn't sure what to say he couldn't just ignore Dean's speech.
"I already know, Dean. You don't need to say it, I already know. "
"W-what?" Cas couldn't help but smile as Dean nervously traveled with his eyes around the room, avoiding the angel's face.
"I may not be an expert in human behavior and in this whole feelings thing, but I KNOW. I see how you look at me. I see how you act around me. You never look like that at Sam and even when you say you don't I know you care deeply about me, Dean. I know it a long time already." The hunter blushed, hands still on Castiel's shoulders.
"I -I don't -"
"Oh, shut you," said Cas and pressed his lips onto Dean's. It was awkward at first but Dean melted into the kiss after a while and pulled Cas closer to him. The angel wrapped his arms around Dean's neck and deepened the kiss. They would kiss for hours but when the door opened and Sam came in, he had to throw a pillow at them so they would notice his presence. Dean blushed again and tried to explain, but just ended up saying stupid things like "…he tripped and and I, you know, was just standing here and then he fell in my arms and his lips were dry and I just... What? No, wait. What are you talking about Sam. Kiss? No, no, no. Shut you face, Sam..." But Sam just smiled at his brother and patted Cas on the shoulder.
"Finally. Geez, Dean, you are so slow. "

Jestli tam najdete nějaký moje errory (COŽ URČITĚ NAJDETE, KDYŽ BUDETE CHTÍT) tak mi dejte sím vědět, oki? Nebuďte malí smradíci a do měěěě (Protože když prosím, tak to stejně nepomáhá a serete na mě :D Já to znám)

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