How I didn't care

12. září 2015 v 18:27 | BibiTheDarkLord
So, yeah. Včera jsem si konečně koupila vysněné vydání The Perks Of Being A Wallflower a jak jinak to oslavit než přečíst to hned ted den a potom se hned podívat na film a napsat o tom fanfic? Yeah, I did it. And I regret nothing. Je to jakože o tom, jak Bradův táta zjistil, že je s Patrickem. Pro ty, co to neznají. Ano, je to slash :D A je to anglicky :D

Počet slov: 500 (See what I did there? :3 :D)
Věnování: Logen Lerman (I když ho to asi vůbec nezajímá :D), za to, že tak nádherně zahrál Charlieho :)
btw: Zabralo mi to asi pět minut xD

I didn't know what to say. His question was so unexpected I just stared at him for a while, because I just felt like whatever I say, it won't make it any easier for us. So I stood there, wearing my new suit my father bought me and just looked at him. It was like I saw him for the very first time. The REAL him, anyway. And I suddenly realized what I had to do.
"Did you even listen to me, Brad?" Patrick was mad, I knew that. I would be mad, too. Not just mad, I would be furious. But I was not gonna apologize. All I was able to do in that moment was kiss him. Long and passionate. I didn't care people where watching. I didn't care a bit. I just cupped Patrick's face with my hands and kissed him. He didn't protest. Well, after a while I had to stop. We couldn't just stand there, kissing in a room full of people. It just didn't feel right. Even if I didn't care they know now. I looked down on my shoes. These were also from my father. I hated to wear them. I hated that suit, too. It was just that I couldn't stop feeling like he watched me everywhere I go, even if he was not there. I was sure this is going to be bad. And I mean real bad. But then again, I didn't care at all. Without a word, Patrick took my hand and lead me out of the room. When he was sure no-one was watching, he leaned it to me again and gave me a small kiss on my forhead. He was taller and I always felt like a little kid when he did that, so I told him off every time. Now, however, I didn't mind. It also felt different. Like I was safe. Out of reach. Like I was home. He gave my hand a squeeze and smiled at me. I could tell he was not mad any more.
"Brad? Are you okey?" He lifted my chin with his free hand in an attempt to make me look him in the eye. I just nodded.

"Thank you," he said after I refused to look at him once again. But after he said it I lost it. I looked at him for a second before wrapping my arms around him. He held me. And I cried. I cried real bad. I think I have never ever cry this much in my life. Emotions exploded in me and between my sobs I could hear him promising me that it's gonna be alright and that he's with me and that he will make it better. All I could say was simply "I love you, Patrick." He aswered "I know. I love you, too." After that I stopped crying. And we talked. We talked a lot that night. And I actually started to think that it really is gonna be okey.

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