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I am just gonna leave this here.
It's got 623 words by the way..

These things happen sometimes. People you thought were important to you suddenly just... Aren't. You always tried to carry on with the flow. With the silence.
Because everything you wanted to talk about didn't seem to matter to them. Or, more often than not, it was just something that you were not supposed to talk about with anybody. Not even these people. Not to them, even thou they are the ones who are going to be around you till the end. Its not important if they are gonna treat you right. It's not important if you matter to them. They are just the biggest shadows in your life. Everyones got some shadow in them. Around them. With them. Some shadows are small, they hide in the corner of you head. Some shadows are bigger and you fear them and expect them to jump on you when you can't protect yourself. And some shadows are... Well, they are big. Bigger then most can imagine. Every person in the whole world has these. But for some, they are closer then for others. And I want to talk about these people. About the people you may met more then once and have no clue something like this could be badly marked on their hearts. It's not easy to have these big shadows. You can't remember anything before them. They were there... Basically your whole life. And it's not just their presence what bothers you. Or hurt you. Or do anything bad to you. It's what they breath. Because of the way they absorb the bad and the wrong in the air, they are who they are. And they live long. They live longer then you, or your friends. They die only when you die, but they were here before you were born. They were waiting for you. They were observing the world long before you were born. Not moths. Year. But decades. Then you came. They cared. You were small and innocent and they cared. But then you started to absorb the world. The bad. The wrong in the air. And you stared to breath it all in and keep it there. The shadows were doing just the same as you and they tried to teach you to lock the bad and wrong in yourself and never ever let it out. Just like how their shadows teached them years ago. And your lifes go on. But when you realise what the wrong and bad really is and you decide not to absorb it any more... They let it out. After some time, they stop. Stop to care about you and all the wrong and bad comes out and attack you just because you are the one who make them to let it out. And now, they got you and they won't let go of you.
Well, but your shadows eventually die. And then…all you got left is theirs shadows and shadows of their shadows and that's what you need to lock even deeper in your heart and try to hide it from view so no one could ever guess whats actually wrong and bad. But you continue to breath in the bad a wrong from the world because that's the only way you know how to live. You have been doing this your whole life and you just don't know how to you start to observe the world and eventually you find someone and you forget the shadows for once and you bring a new life in this broken place and you start to care, all your shadows safely locked inside. But they won't ever die. They wait. They wait for you to become a shadow. And they will do the same to your child.


Just..think about it, ok?

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