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19. ledna 2016 v 22:26 | BibiTheDarkLord
So, I wrote a poem today. We had History and I had nothing to do and felt sad (as always) and wrote actually more than just ONE poem, but I think I shouldn't show the other two to anybody. They are maybe too disturbing. This one's okay, tho. At least for me. I also wrote something that was not supposed to be a poem but came out similar anyway. Whatever.

The weird poem with tons of mistakes:

I don't think I understand. No, not at all.
How crooked my soul became. How the more blades I use to cut it with,
the more whole it becomes.
My brain and mind are sharpened with hardship,
but I still don't know, what matters to me most..

I don't seem to understand and I already gave up trying.
How well my heart had bloomed and
how my kindness showed it's true form.
With every pleasant thought, the more I fell apart.
And I still don't know, what side of me is worth the show.

I don't think I understand, why I told you all this.
How my words became the reflection of the darkest part of my being.
How my scars infected the sentences that came from somewhere really deep inside.
Nor do I know what else to say,
for that beautiful moment of truth already faded away.

The Voice (I like this one better):

When I heard it for the first time, I was innocent. I blamed it on the universe, I tried to take it lightly. I smiled a little too bright and came to understand that not all the things that are gonna come to me, will bring happiness. I took a step forward.

When I heard it for the second time, I was slightly surprised. I didn't see it coming. Anyway, I smiled again and shook my head. "No, it can't be," said I, took a deep breath and started to move ahead.

When I heard it for the third time, it made me thinking. How does this happen? How are these things born? And I waited and put up with it, my smile slowly fading away. I expected an honest answer, but it never came and I took another step forward, not smiling anymore.

When I heard it for the fourth time, everything stopped for me. I was deeply moved and felt blood running across my face. "Let's face it," I told myself. "This is real, but I'll be fine...right?" I told myself and I hesitated before taking a step forward.

When I heard it for the fifth time, I was lost in a dream of a never-ending story. A story that lasted long and stayed happy no matter what and a story that wants nothing in return. I put up the armour of my own loyalty and build my kingdom. I was the queen, I ruled the world. I controled everything, even myself.
At least, that is what I wanted to do. But I didn't. The only thing I forced myself to do at that moment was to take a step back. To run.

"And you made a smart choice...," said The Voice.

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1 Karis Karis | E-mail | Web | 20. ledna 2016 v 16:39 | Reagovat

Už jsem ti to říkala, ale ještě to napíšu:D
Je to tak sladce smutné... prostě, já miluju smutný věci T3T A to druhé se mi líbí více T3T je to... takové nevím jak to přesně popsat. Prostě i jsem si to zapamatovala :D
Nějak nemám slov T.T vždycky mi svým psaním vyrazíš dech <3
Saranghaeyo <3

2 BibiTheDarkLord BibiTheDarkLord | Web | 23. ledna 2016 v 11:01 | Reagovat

[1]: Oh, thank you. Jsem ráda, že sis našla čas na to, si to přečíst.

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